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Restoring Air

He spoke the words, unmoving she sat there.

Although she tried she could not make a sound.

Dark clouds accumulate as she did stare.

She rocked and swayed for waves crashed all around.

As her foundation crumbled to the sea, 

The truth began to flood into her chest.

Headfirst into the icy spray fell she.

Is this the end, where she’ll find final rest?

This girl was drowning with no hope in sight.

But then on the horizon someone came.

A situation seemed to have no light, 

Proved wrong when from the dark there shone a flame.

Now this friend pulled her from the water deep

And is now getting her back to her feet.

This was a sonnet I had written back my senior year of high school for our poetry segment of the curriculum. I’ve always enjoyed poetry and I really connected with this assignment because I was able to pour myself into it without anyone else necessarily realizing it. The events the poem describes have occurred twice now, and each time someone has come along and made things right. I thought this would be a nice start to my blog since 1) this is my own work and 2) it’s something I’ve been able to relate to recently. Enjoy.

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